How To Find Windows 10 Update Version On My Pc 21h1, 20h2?

It includes things like Narrator, which download Tencent dll turns text to speech, and various other features that make the OS easier to use for those who need assistance. A few things have changed since this post was originally posted which is preventing the phones from updating using the OTC update tool. This problem is described in a Microsoft forum with a possible solution to fix it, have a look here.

We know it is a bit complex and tedious process but let us look at the big picture, this one-time effort can save so much of data and time for further update installations in multiple devices. This slipstreaming was relatively easy in Windows XP. It was just like copying files from a compact disk to the hard disk drive. But with the changing Windows versions and new builds kept coming, slipstreaming changed as well. Microsoft offers several ways to download Windows 11 manually. One is to use the Installation Assistant app, which you install on your PC to trigger a normal upgrade install via Windows Update. The second is to use the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool, which automates the process of creating a bootable USB install drive or downloading an install ISO file.

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Sometimes, plugging into USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports can cause errors. In that case, try using a USB 2.0 port instead. If there is a USB port already in use and working — say, one that your keyboard or mouse is plugged into — try moving the Vive connection to it. If, after trying all possible USB ports, you still do not have a connection, try resetting your USB devices using the following steps.

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  • But if you do not want to see the frequently used files or folders, just uncheck these options and you’re good to go.
  • Reset the registry value for the location of the “Temporary Internet Files” folder to default.

Looking at the pictuers, the InprocServer32 is right inside CLSID, which is wrong. They only mention that long key in the removing section.

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Select a suitable return point, and then click Next. There are many reasons why you might want to reset your computer. Windows 10 acting up, some pesky malware is attacking your files, or you simply want a fresh start. However, if you run into the “There was a problem resetting your PC” error, even resetting requires some troubleshooting. Next, identify the key to be removed by locating the key name created by the program. Delete the selected registry key and its values.

You can use the certutil command to verify the checksum in Windows. I would be very suspicious of downloading the iso from other websites. ISO is offered when site is loaded under any linux distro – no idea how it behaves under macos but probably in same way. Connect the USB Flash drive to the PC you want to upgrade or insert the DVDÂ into the drive. If you select ISO, you get the option to burn it to a DVD if a DVD writer is available. Otherwise, the ISO is just saved to the local system.